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I come from a military and law enforcement background so fitness has always been imperative in my life not only for health but survival as well! I was used to a more intense cardio base style of training before I got into serious weight training and bodybuilding. And now I incorporate the two together! 


With a sudden retirement from Law Enforcement due to injuries, I began to adopt older school tactics of HIIT training that men like Mike Mentzler were known for! It not only helped shape my body but challenged my mind so I could formulate movements for others who deal with medical restrictions!


My approach has literally changed dozens of my clients' lives! If you're looking for cookie cutter routines, I'm not your guy, I am very intense with my outlook on how to train! 

I have a much broader perspective of not only nutritional and supplements but elevated my training as well which developed my abilities into a more well-rounded trainer capable of training anyone who walks through the door to lose weight or hit the stage! 


Working at Relentless has allowed me to take myself, competitors and every one of my clients to our fullest potential. 


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